Friday, April 25, 2014

Geek 101: Doctor Who

So you've just started dating someone, and the person notices some weird eccentricities about you.

Maybe he or she is wondering why you are obsessed with the color blue, when it's 100 degrees outside why you don't take that 12 foot long scarf off, or why you cry ever time some one says, "I Don't Want to Go"?

That's right your significant other is learning a hard lesson: you are a whovian.

Maybe you've enjoyed it all your life, maybe you just got into it recently.

Either way it's something you truly enjoy and hopefully your partner is interested in learning why.

Here are some tips to introducing the elusive Time Lord to your partner.

Fortunately a new season is starting in August so now is the time to begin learning about Doctor Who.

If you are interested in doing a Who-A-Thon it's not to difficult as most of the streaming platforms have most if not all of the new doctor.

However, at more than 100 episodes, that can seam awfully daunting, so maybe starting out with something simpler.

I would suggest maybe starting out with the first episode staring Matt Smith, "The Eleventh Hour" because it really is a fresh start with a new doctor, new companions and even a new executive producer.

But, what about the classic series.

Well there you are looking at nearly 800 episodes spanning 26 years which is an even more daunting task.

This took some thought, but I eventually narrowed it down to one doctor, Tom Baker, and one set of self-contained episodes: "The Key to Time".

This series ran over one season with six stories included in 26, thirty minute episodes.

The series is easy and fun to watch, plus Mary Tamm is adorable as Romana.

Of course the beauty of Doctor Who is every episode takes place in a different time and place, so one can truly begin watching at any point.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Geek 101: Star Wars

So, you love Star Wars.

Maybe you grew up knowing every line, playing with the action figures and sparring with your friends with flashlights in the fog pretending they're light sabers.

But, now you've gotten married or dating a person who has no idea why you are both excited and frightened by the aspect of the upcoming Star Wars VII.

Fortunately introducing your partner or children to Star Wars isn't a difficult thing to do.

The best thing to do is just simply sit down and watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

You can watch the other movies from there.

If you are interested in doing a Star-Wars-A-Thon it shouldn't take up too much time, only about 13 hours and 17 minutes.

Compared to the 372 hours for every Doctor Who episode that's not too bad.

If you want to knock about two and a quarter hours off, skip episode one and watch the movies in Machete Order.

Machete Order which consists of IV - V - II - III - VI allows a person to get the view from the Luke Skywalker.

Once we learn who Luke's father is episodes II and III work as a sort of flashback between Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Whichever way you want to go, I would highly recommend you start with Episode Four no matter what.

It really does introduce the Star Wars Universe to the viewer better than any other film.

Also, the prequels probably won't be a big part of the movies coming out in 2015, so if all you watch is just watch IV, V and IV you should be good.

Of course there's also the Clone Wars which Netflix is now streaming, but it's not imperative that a person watch the show to get an idea of Star Wars.

There are also a huge number of comics, books and games which expand the universe, but at this point it's unclear if it will remain unscathed in the future of the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars remains a huge part of geek culture and a great stepping off point into the world of science fiction.

Next up in Geek 101, we'll jump into the realm of Doctor Who!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Geek 101: An Introduction

One of the things I have noticed recently is the world of geek culture is growing rapidly as are the number of people who enjoy some of the things we have all our lives.

The works go back even before I was born with things like Doctor Who or Star Trek or comic books.

I grew up with most of these things and have spent the past 40+ years watching, reading and enjoying them.

But, there are many who haven't.

Some are far too young, especially a majority of millennials whose first experience of sci fi was the Phantom Menace.

Then there are older people who are dating a "true believer".

I was fortunate my wife had a good understanding of the culture growing up a Star Trek fan, even owning a first edition Star Fleet Technical Manual from the 70s.

But for those guys or girls out there who get involved with someone who doesn't have a clue, I want to provide a few posts to give you an idea of how to start teaching your significant other about our world.

First off, don't keep it a secret.

I know some who don't want to introduce a partner to this stuff.

It used to be out of embarrassment, but now a days it's cool, so let your geek light shine.

If your partner is interested, teach them.

It makes life so interesting.

So for the next couple of posts I'll go over certain aspects of the geek culture and what items are best to introduce to those with limited or no knowledge of it.

Leave me a comment on any of the subjects you would like me to go over.

We'll start with Star Wars followed by Doctor Who, coming soon.