Friday, February 28, 2014

Waiting for the Doctor

So word has just come out that Titan Publishing has released cover photos of their ongoing Doctor Who comics featuring David Tennant's and Matt Smith's doctor.

While we knew this was coming after Titan announced in January that it had received the license from IDW, unfortunately it's the first time we have been given a date: July 23rd!

So, it's bad enough I have to wait about six months for new stories on air, now I have to wait almost the same amount of time for Doctor Who in graphic novel format!

I tell you going the long way round kind of sucks!

But, when I think about it there was an even longer wait for any new episodes of Doctor Who before 2005.

For all I knew the 1996 movie was going to be the final installment in the legacy of the show.

So, I will wait and keep an eye on any new news about the Doctor on the Inter Webs.

In the meantime.... Hey LEGOs!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Another Lost Store

I have been dreading this post because it deals with news I'm not very happy about.

Last week we got word that Empire Strikes Comic Book Store on 23rd Street is closing.

The owner, Bryan, is dealing with personal and legal issues.

While there might be a possibility to save the place, it's just as likely that February will be its last month.

Owning a comic book store in Oklahoma City certainly can't be easy, there's a lot to be invested in the hopes that people will enter and buy products.

In December  I noted that AI Comics in Edmond was closing it's doors.

It can be made even worse when compounded with issues such as delivery.

Since early January, Bryan has faced issues with UPS delivering his comics books, not on Wednesday, but maybe Thursday or Friday.

In case you don't know much about comics understand, Wednesday is new comic book day.

They actually talk about it on the television show Big Bang Theory.

So, not getting the comics by Wednesday can be devastating.

Just last week, Bryan said he had some brand new customers come in on Wednesday who wanted new comics, but they hadn't been delivered yet.

And, the customers are still coming.

He says he got reserves set up for three customers at the start of last week.

Again, hope remains while friends and supporters look at options to keep the place open.

In the meantime, head into Empire Strikes on 23rd street and say hi to Bryan.

If enough people turn out to support in the next couple of weeks, maybe we won't say goodbye to Another Lost Store.